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This page holds the description of major payment methods united by Onpay.ru agregation service.\ \ For your convenience payment methods have an icon, a short description, and a link to the manual (how to pay).

Icon Title Short description Category Payee Manual
Yandex Money Yandex.Money payment system was created in 2002. Yandex.Money's partners include banks, Internet and telecom service providers, online stores, game publishers, postal and municipal services, payment systems, etc. Inner currency - Russian ruble. Electronic money Links
WebMoney is an electronic money and online payment system (transactions are conducted through WebMoney Transfer). WM Transfer Ltd, the owner and administrator of WebMoney Transfer Online Payment System, was founded in 1998 and is a legal corporate entity of Belize, Central America. Originally targeted mainly at Russian clients, it is now used worldwide. The company claims to have more than 11 million users. electronic money Links
RBKmoney RBK Money (former RUpay) - The Russian electronic payment system. Electronic money Links
Moneymail MoneyMail was created in 2004 by the specialists of the Moscow bank «Megawatt-Bank» (since 19.10.2006 - CJSC «Bank FYNAM»). Credit Card equiring is provided by «Raiffeisenbank» (former «Impeksbank»). Electronic money Links
Onpay.ru Electronic payments aggregation service. Founded in 2006, it is now one of the leading aggregation services in Russia and CIS. Electronic money Payments Onpay Koshelek
Money @ mail Money@Mail.Ru is the payment system of the popular russian portal Mail.ru. Essentially it is a rebranded MoneyMail service. Electronic money Links
PayPal PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders. Electronic money Links
Wallet One Payment system “Wallet one” is money which is always available to you. Just by using your mobile phone with W1 you can upload the funds of cellular operators, internet-providers, paid TV, public utilities, landline phone and etc. at any time and without a fee. “Wallet One” system makes use of with such well-known Payment Systems as Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Mobile Wallet and many others. This means that you can transfer money to these systems much easier and with lower fees. Electronic money Links
Liberty Reserve Liberty Reserve is a private currency exchange system issued by Liberty Reserve S.A. of San José, Costa Rica. The two Liberty Reserve currencies are Liberty Reserve USD (LRUSD) and Liberty Reserve EURO (LREUR). Liberty Reserve S.A.'s terms of service reads: 1.7. Liberty Reserve (LR): means the digital currency in which the electronic transfer services are provided; backed by United States of America Dollars and Euros; hereinafter for all legal purposes referred to as LR. Liberty Reserve is a digital currency used frequently for adding funds to and withdrawing funds from Bitcoin exchange markets. Electronic money Links
QIWI (OSMP) The QIWI payment service offers a wide range of payment methods, among which each user can choose the method they personally find most convenient. QIWI Cash appears on the recipient account almost instantly and all transactions are secure. Payment termynalы Link
Эleksnet Elecsnet owns and operates Russia ’s major network of self-service terminals processing full range of payments including mobile top-ups, fixed line, cable TV, utilities and other services. Making its first terminal and unique software in 2000, Elecsnet de facto created Russian market of payment processing terminals’ networks. Since then the Company remains the leader in innovation, quality of service and volume of operations. The company operates more than 2,900 branded terminals across Russia . Additionally, Elecsnet processes more than 8,000 third-party bank ATMs. Payment termynalы Link
Novoplat Company «Novoplat« - a largest network of payment terminals in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, and a payment system. At the moment the territory of North-West Federal District there are more than 2,000 terminals processing electronic payments. Payment termynalы Link
Evroset «Euroset» - a Russian company, largest cell phone retailer. In 2006, the company had 37% of Russian cell phone market. The headquarters is located in Moscow. Payment termynalы Payments termynalы Euroset
ATMs Russia Payments via any ATMs available in Russian Federation. Payment termynalы Link
Platezh.ru Platezh.ru is an Internet terminal, first in Russia, unifying reliability of banking cards & speeds with the convenience and easiness of payments in the network. The following cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard and Maestro of any Bank of Russia or Europe. Payments through banks Link
Liqpay LiqPAY is an open payment system, which lets transfer money with the help of mobile phone, Internet and payment cards throughout the world. The system was founded in 2008. A russian alternative to PayPal. Mother company: PrivatBank. Payments through banks Link
payments through banks Onpay.ru supports payments in rubles, dollars and euros in any banks of the Russian Federation. payments through banks Link
International Money Transfers System Leader - International operator of payments by individuals to individuals. The system was created in April 2003. Offers services of money transfer without opening the bank account for of individuals, as well as admission of payments to 1000s service providers in Russia and CIS countries. Leader operates in 130 countries around the world. Systems denezhnыh Translation Links
CONTACT is an international money transfer and payment system. Systems denezhnыh Translation Links
Zolotaya Korona is an international money transfer and payment system. The system addressed 335 490 000 operations as of 2008. Systems denezhnыh Translation Links
Russian Post Russian Post (Russian: Почта России, Pochta Rossii), is a unitary enterprise which is a national postal operator of Russia. The company is responsible for the delivery of mail in Russia, and the issuing of postage stamps. Russian Post employs about 390,000 people and has over 40,000 postal offices. Russian Post has partnered with Sviaz-Bank in offering banking services at post offices across Russia. Entry form Category Link
SMS-Payments Kratkoe description entry form Category Link
Payment SB expense Beeline Payment by mobile card RURU (joint project of Beeline and Alfabank) VISA / Mastercard Link
Payment SB expense MTS Mobile payments, payment from balance MTS (only for Russia) Payments with number Links
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